Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar Review

By | February 14, 2014

Iron gym total upper body workout bar as the name implies is a piece of equipment used for upper body workouts. It is known for its high quality, reasonable price and extraordinary features.

Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar

Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout BarProduct Features

There are a lot of things that makes Iron workout bar a great pull up bar compared to other bars. Some of the best features of Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar are given below.

Easy to install at home: One of the best features of iron Gym total upper body workout bar is that it can be mounted anywhere in your home whether it is your living room, garage, basement or any other room. This means that now there is no need to rush towards gym for doing upper body exercises body as it offers a wide range of workouts for our body muscles.

Door way frames: This workout bar is designed so differently that it easily fits in the door way frames. The good thing is that you can do pushups and other exercise by fixing it on the floor instead of mounting it on the doorframe or wall.

Takes Limited Space: It covers very little space so it easily gets fit in your living room or exercise room with other exercise equipments.

Grip position: Another highlighting feature of this work out bar is its variety of grip positions. These grip positions allows you to perform a variety of exercises like dips, pushups, pull ups, sit ups and chin ups. Neutral, wide and narrow are three grip positions provided in this package.

Work out for back: Another important point about this machine is that it makes possible for you to do inner and outer back work outs. You can make your back and back bone more stable and strong by doing this exercise. This back workout is possible because of its wider grip.

Stable floor exercise: This iron gym not only fits in doorway frames but on floor too. You can mount it on the floor and can do pushups to make your biceps and triceps more strong. This floor stability helps you to do sit ups in good way.

Durable frame: Its body structure is also strong and well assembled. Its frame is made up of steel material. Due to this, it has ability to hold weight of 300 pounds.

Pros and cons of Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar


  • Strong frame
  • Multi functional
  • Easily fit in doorways frame
  • Easy to assemble
  • Has Steady bars
  • Offer variety of grip positions
  • It can easily lift more weight
  • Does not cause any damage to the doors


  • Dips cannot be done so efficiently
  • Uneasy height level installed in iron gym bar
  • It does not gets fit on thin doors

What Customers Say About Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar?

According to customer reviews this package machine is a great piece of equipment for the upper body. The positive feedback is a clear proof of the fact that his pull up bar is highly efficient and beneficial for our body. This bar received gets 4.1 out of 5 stars which is a good ranking score. Almost all the customers agree that it is of best quality and is easy to assemble.


After a thorough review of its features and its customer reviews iron gym bar comes up in the market with so many advantages for those who want to make their body strong. So for exercise lover this is a best option. Though, new users may take some time to get use to of it but overall, it is a worth buying pull up bar.